illustration of healing light meditation, inducing butterfly effect

2022 Meditations

EmmasEnergy shows you how you can heal and realign your own energy, become more self aware, healthy and reach higher vibrational states through meditation.

Tap into the frequency of oneness, love, and expansion. Connect to everything by becoming fully present within your own self.



Explore universal consciousness beyond time and space.

Release fears

Release your fears (eg. anxiety, or fear of death) through deeper understanding of the self beyond the physical body.

deep dive into your soul

Dive into your journey of soul expansion, growth and spiritual awakening.

become self aware

Become aware of your patterns and thoughts and engage more consciously in any situation.

Increase your intuition

Connect deeper to your intuition through specific meditation techniques.

Align your energy

Realign your energy field and open your chakras to higher frequencies.

Now is the time for soul expanding transformation.
Awaken your inner compass.

You can feel it. I know that you feel it. Your inner compass is what brought you here today.



So that your questions get answered. So that your inner calling gets the attention it so deeply craves.


Trust that this is your sign. There has never been more powerful times for realignment towards your true path.


What is that path? How can you access deeper levels of truth and soul expansion? It all begins with you. In order to reach higher states of consciousness, you need to make space for the new version of you to be born. The old version of you has to go, like a snake leaving its skin behind in order to grow into a more expansive version of itself.

Spiritual guided meditations. An illustration of healing light for soul expansion and growth.

Meditations | 2022

The Age of Alignment.
Conscious Alchemy.

There are many forms in which your highest, most divine timeline will play out in your life. Energy aligning meditations will help you reach higher vibrational states through sustainable shifts in your energetic field. Your whole nervous system gets to release and recalibrate, through reaching a state of grounded, profound being. Being instead of doing.


Through this guided meditation series, you will be held in higher frequencies as to support your own energetic expansion. Your ability to live in a higher vibrational state gets activated through simply listening to those specifically crafted meditations. No pain, no heart break, no worry is so strong that it could not find relief and energetic support through vibrational meditations.