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About Emmas Energy. A Joyfull Picture of The Author Emma

If you’ve made it here, you’re probably interested in all the details behind EmmasEnergy…


The Who

The Why

The How &

The What


Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about EmmasEnergy and Emma. I’m happy to share more on me and the vision behind it all with you. Excited to connect more deeply through this extra-insight. 


The Who: About Emma

Hey, I am Emma. Author of this Blog and the soul behind EmmasEnergy.


I started my spiritual journey in 2019.


Not knowing anything about soul contracts, past life or soul mission, I wasn’t sure what I was doing.


But I was sure about my deep inner calling to go down this unknown path.- A path I myself didn’t even understand at that point. 


It took me several attempts to become confident in this journey.


I came from a world that had nothing to do with the world I am living in today. 


And so, I first needed to unlearn and re-learn.

In order to become the best vessel I can be. 


In order to help you.


What first seemed like imagination and made me doubt my own sanity… is now my life mission to share with you and the world.


I’ve been continuously learning about alternative healing techniques and energy healing on eastern and western continents around the globe ever since.


Today, I follow my calling to share activating and healing meditations with the world. 

The What: What Is EmmasEnergy?

EmmasEnergy is a digital space for learning and healing.

 It’s inviting spirituality, mindfulness and guided meditation lovers.


In this space, I share with you my best tips and practices around mindfulness meditation, self love, Chakras and energy healing. 


Here, you’ll find in-debt Chakra Healing guides from a variety of holistic therapies 


like guided meditation, affirmation meditation, chakra essential oil therapy, chakra crystal guides, reiki healing and more. 


Chakra Meditation Music, Chakra Guided Meditations, Chakra Chants and Chakra Healing Affirmations.


All third party sources are well researched and fully recommended from the bottom of my heart.


By clicking and purchasing any of my third party recommendations, you support EmmasEnergy.


Learn more about my third party collaborations here (soon).


There are incredibly many ways to align your chakras and keep your chakras on balance.


I will try my best to provide as much explanation as possible.


You can see this as my contribution to more love, light and high healing vibes in the world.


The Why Behind It 

It is my mission to make you wake up and be your own healer. To help you help yourself.


This means that my meditations are specifically for those who seek to become more compassionate and whole. 


Not only within themselves but also within the larger picture of your own calling. 


Some meditations are to heal and strengthen you energetically, while others are to balance and calibrate you towards your own journey.


They all have the same intention, which is to help you re-become and be who you really are meant to be. 


You will benefit from my meditation guidance because it is specifically created to bring you energy work, chakra healing and energetic re-calibration. 


The How: How I Can Help You

It is my specialty to connect different energetic blockages with broader emotional perspectives and body parts.


This is why my meditations are not there to make you feel good, they are there to make you work through blockages.


Working on blockages and opening you up to more alignment is pretty much like the red pill in the matrix analogy. 


 it is not simply comforting and feel-good fluff, yet is needed in order to work through and integrate.



My knowledge and experience was most profoundly formed in buddhist, Hindi and tribal sub-cultures across southeast Asia.


Without my travels, I wouldn’t have the spiritual understanding I am lucky to have today.



I am blessed to have incredible spiritual mentors, trusted gurus and powerful trainers spread like diamonds around the globe.


Through my fangirl-like love for energy healing and my incredible spiritual mentors, I will stay an eager student for the rest of my life.


And while doing what I love and sharing my light and healing with you and the world, my understanding grows more and more every day.



To put it simple, I want to protect you and me legally in the best way possible. 


So, please understand that everything about EmmasEnergy is for entertaining purposes only. All of it, no matter the content. (This disclaimer for instance has a pretty entertaining purpose, right?)





To learn more about my legal notes, click the links in the footer section of this website.



If you still have questions after reading this about me page, don’t hesitate to message me on social media!


Or, if you’d like a more formal outreach, please fill out the contact application form.